"Tectonics - New Madrid" Necklace - Sterling Silver

"Tectonics - New Madrid" Necklace - Sterling Silver


Warm, earthy, and unique! These sterling silver pendants are individually hammered and heated multiple times to achieve the distinct ridges and valleys. A series of coloring techniques brings out the textures and natural silver tones. Each piece is sealed with a jewelers' wax to protect the finish with a satin sheen.

These pendants are approximately 1 1/2" - 1 3/4" (43mm) long and hang from 18" black matte rubber or leather cords with a sterling silver clasp.

**See the second photo for pattern options - patterns A and C have leather cords, pattern B has a matte black rubber cord. Please allow for some variation due to the nature of the foldforming process. Each piece will be slightly unique!**

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