How to care for your Tactile Melodies jewelry

  • Clean your jewelry with warm water and dry with a soft cloth. Use a drop of dish soap if necessary!

  • Harsh jewelry cleaners do NOT always play nice with handcrafted pieces! Cleaning solutions can damage/remove the decorative or darkened finishes. It’s best to steer clear of these with Tactile Melodies jewelry.

  • For removing tarnish on bright silver earwires, chains, and Constellation pendants, we love Sunshine polishing cloths. We have various sizes available for purchase - email us and we’ll get one to you!

  • Avoid wearing Tactile Melodies jewelry in the shower, pool, or during workouts. We love that you love your jewelry, but soaps, chemicals, and sweat will make your favorite piece look dull and damage the finish.

  • Put your jewelry on last when getting ready - hairsprays, perfumes, lotions, sunscreens, etc will gunk up and harm the finish of your piece.

  • Store your Tactile Melodies jewelry in a jewelry box or airtight container to help avoid tarnish long-term. Using anti-tarnish strips (or even those little silica gel packs that come in shoes and handbags!) in your jewelry box also helps fight tarnish!

Have some Tactile Melodies jewelry that could use a good cleaning, but you don’t want to harm the piece? We are happy to clean and refresh your piece for a small fee. Email us for details and a quote!